Second Blog 23 August 2018

An updated Blog 23 August 2018:   An update on how my life has changed drastically. But let me start at the beginning: On the 4 April 2018 I fell in my garage on my way to my car to go to the shop.  Well I twisted my leg so badly that my toes ended up under my thigh.  I screamed blue murder as I was in such pain.  Now being a person who works for herself I don’t have medical aid.  Anyway, an ambulance Vitalmed was called and duly arrived, they tried to find a vein to give me some pain killers.  They battled as my veins hid away.  Anyway, they found one and knocked me out.  I believe I was then loaded onto a stretcher and taken to Helen Joseph Hospital where I was taken to Casualty. They ran tests and XRays before I was  admitted into the Hospital at about 2 am, yes 2 am in the morning of 5 April 2018.  I had my first operation at midnight on 6 April 2018.  They never knocked me out, I was given an epidural.  Please also note that I hadn’t eaten the entire time I was in Hospital.  I believe I was given a lot of medication – Morphine included – while under Morphine I even asked one of the Doctors for his cell number.  I don’t remember this but the nurses there told me, and they thought it was funny. I was operated on and a metal rod was attached to my leg with 3 holes above the knee and 3 below. This was to hold the knee in place to repair the damage. It looked like a harness thing and believe me when I moved my leg it was sore as it would cut into my flesh.  The nurses were supposed to clean it every day but they “didn’t have time”.  In the middle of all this the cleaning and laundry staff went on strike.  So, we had no clean bed linen.  Thank goodness for family and friends as they brought me towels and sheets and took things home to wash.  I used to only eat their breakfast sometimes.   Despite being told by a specialist that the blood flow to my foot was running, my left foot started to die.  The worst feeling ever is having the pain of watching and feeling your foot going blue. The doctors then advised that the damage could not be repaired, and they would have to amputate the foot. I had my second operation and Amputation on 26 April 2018, I was supposed to have a mid-calf amputation but just before going into the theatre again at midnight I was politely informed that I was having a through knee amputation.  Nothing I could do.  Oh, and yes, I would be awake again.  Another epidural. I got back to my room at about 3:30 am. My life had changed, I had lost the bottom half of my left leg, I was in pain after the operation and lived on pain killers for the next few days.  Oh, and injections for the pain.  Please note that I was not eating properly as the food was not appetising and then the food staff also went on strike, so once again I was reliant on friends to bring things that did not need heating up or refrigeration. Anyway, enough about the hospital.  I came home on 11 May, I was so glad to be in my own bed and home environment however have been bedridden ever since. I have taken myself off all my medications even sleeping pills.  I have what they call Phantom Limb pain.  Not funny when your stump twitches because the bottom half of your leg is in pain, but it isn’t there.  Weird I must tell you, but I will persevere with this.  I hope to be walking soon as I have been doing exercises to strengthen my arms and remaining leg.  I have been home for about 3 months now my wound has healed, and the scar is getting better every day  This is a Big Thank you to a very good friend who I am staying with.  Without her I don’t know what I would’ve done. More to come soon As Ellen says, “Be kind to one another”. Drop me a comment.