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Jayne Ann Sim virtual assistant

Good day all!

I would like to introduce myself as this is my first blog on my website.  I am hoping that I will be able to give you more insight into my life and my working life.

My name is Jayne Ann Sim, known to work friends as Jayne and family as Jayne Ann and very close family as Barbie, more about that later.  But for now, you can call me Jayne.  I was born and bred in Durban grew up in Yellowwood Park.  A wonderful suburb that was out of the borough of Durban. In the early years when I was 18 months old we used to have cows living next to us.  But the suburb grew into a fully-fledged suburb with our old Water Works becoming a sanctuary for CROW.
At one stage we could hear lions roaring late in the evening.  This was when CROW inherited 3 baby lion cubs.  She brought them up until they were Toddlers.  We had the Stainbank Nature Reserve on our doorstep.  We also had our Girl Guides in the old Castle in the Nature Reserve.  Anyway, enough about my personal life.

I started work in the old Post Office as a telegraph operator.  I was then approached in my 2nd month of working to go for an interview at Standard Bank.  I did so and was given the job to go and work at Jacobs Branch in an Industrial Area off the Bluff.  My first resignation, oh boy how the hell do I do that, I said to the Human Resource Manager and how long notice will I have to give.  Well he told me, you will just have to type up a letter saying you are resigning, giving the date of your resignation.  Also saying you don’t know your notice period but if it is a month then give a month and so I left his office and off I went to write out my resignation.  I gave my hand-written letter into the Post Office.  They said I could go in 2 weeks’ time.  My starting date at my new Branch was the 22 March 1981 which was a further 2 weeks, so I duly contacted the Human Resources Manager and advised him.  He said have 2 weeks leave then.  I was so excited when I finished that I had worked for 2 months and already was on 2 weeks leave.  Anyway, that is how I started at Standard Bank.  I love the Bank.

After a few years, I then transferred up to Johannesburg and worked for Implementation where I travelled South Africa.  Going to the big cities and some very small cities as well that I had never heard of.  I loved that.  But I wanted my life back, so I then transferred back to Head Office and worked in a lot of Departments.  My best was when I started the Microswap Problem Management Department.  I had to put all the processes in place and the reports.  It was awesome and time consuming, but I found that I thrived there.

I eventually left the Bank to work for a family member.  Never work for family.  I was then retrenched, and I decided that I liked working with admin, Bookkeeping, Diary Management and running a small office.  I love typing and have always loved typing since my school days.

Back to my work life.  I then worked in several companies doing Credit Control, Administration work and such.  I was also a PA a few times.  I loved doing that as well.  I have also met some wonderful people as well and some have become friends.

In the year 2016 I worked for a very small company and was the Bookkeeper/PA to the Owner.  I worked there for a year.  My Mom died in the January of 2017 and at the beginning of February 2017 I was retrenched rather suddenly.  But we must move on to bigger and better things.

Mourning my Mother’s death I had to deal with being retrenched as well.  I was devastated by both events.  I then decided I didn’t want to work for any one person anymore.  I started researching the internet and found Virtual Assistant and read more about it and said hey I can do this.  I then had to name my Business and decide what services that I would offer.  I have since studied as well and added Payroll to my list of services.

So that is a nutshell is how Jayne VA Services was born.

My hobbies are reading and Formula 1 motor racing.  Oh, and when I am in the mood I love to cook.  Pull out a recipe, and make sure I have the ingredients, and then cook up a storm.

My pet hates, are bullying of any form.  I was bullied at school and in a work place.  I regret staying in the environment when I was bullied at work and I believe that I should’ve gotten out sooner than I did.  But that is in hindsight.  But I am very very against bullying.  Workplace bullying is quite common I believe.  This needs to stop.  Bullying in any shape or form needs to be stopped.

I will try and blog once a week.

And in the words of Ellen “Be Kind to one another”.  Have a good week!

Chat soon.