Why a Virtual Assistant ?

Give yourself time to place your focus where it matters, on the big picture and let us take care of the minor details. Don’t let the minor details make you miss those new business opportunities.

  • Retaining the services of an affordable and experienced Virtual Assistant is a convenient and cost-effective part of your business support services and growth.

  • Good economic sense to get a part-time VA on board than a full-time employee, it reduces your labour costs

  • No furniture or IT equipment costs!

  • I work around your schedule!  I am here whenever you need me.

  • I might offer services that you do not have but need in your business yet but don’t have the time to learn.

  • With a Virtual Assistant, you only pay for the hours worked.

  • You don’t have to pay agency fees – contact your VA when someone goes on maternity leave.

  • Flexibility – when you just need somebody at short notice to handle those last minute details that are getting in the way.  I am the person to call.